October 22nd. 2014

IMPORTANT: iModel.com is shutting down...

Hello All,

re: iModel.com is shutting down
offline: December 22 2014

With a heavy heart I'm posting this to inform you the iModel.com DIY hosting service will be closing down.
As of December 22 2014, the iModel.com server will be placed offline. The iModel.com hosting service will be closed.

Below is "The Back Story" explaining the circumstances surrounding my decision.
But basically in the last five years there has been a proliferation of superior DIY website services. Many are simply amazing. I'm in awe of their beauty. These services will promote your business and talents better than iModel.com can.

Here are some "photo based" hosting service suggestions: Format.com, Zenfolio.com, BigFolio.com, PhotoDeck.com, Wix.com, aPhotofolio.com, SmugMug and PhotoShelter.com
sidenote Format.com: please take a look at Format.com. I'm so impressed with Format.com that I spoke with their CEO Lukas Dryja about the closure of iModel.com. He understands the disruption this is causing. Lukas and the team at Format.com will help to minimize any issues.

All photos on the iModel.com will NOT be saved. I will not be making a backup of the uploaded images. Just too many.
Hopefully you have all the originals.
If not, email me back and I'll see what I can do.

If you are using an iModel.com email address, please save all your contact addresses and any important emails and attachments. When the server shuts down all files will be lost.

You will need to transfer your domain to a domain registry of your choosing - most people know GoDaddy.com, but NameCheap.com is becoming very popular. If you have an iModel.com registered domain name (I registered it for you), contact me for more information.

On October 31st I will cancel all iModel.com subscriptions. Nobody will be billed in November or December as people move to a new hosting service.
On November 1st I will reimburse those with annual subscriptions for the unused portion of their subscriptions.

I am forever grateful for your participation in iModel.com hosting service.

To Your Success!!!

Mark Harper
P.S. Please use the "Contact/Help" page to send me an email.

When iModel.com first launched on April 1st 2003, my goal was to help people promote their businesses and talents to the best of my abilities.
Back in 2003, iModel.com was simple and unique. It gave people the ability to professionally present themselves online.
In the last five years there has been a proliferation of superior DIY website services. Many are simply amazing. I'm in awe of their beauty.
Some of these companies have millions of dollars of seed capital, some have hugh development teams, some have both.
My point is, I'm have always been a "one-person" development team. The truth is I cannot compete with these services. And there is no reason I should try to compete - especially if "my clients" are better served by them than me.
Yes with all these outstanding choices, you will be better served by promoting your business and talents with a service backed by "millions of dollars of seed capital and/or dedicated professional development teams".
I am forever grateful to all the loyal clients who supported iModel.com (me, my wife and two daughters), through all the ups and downs. (I started developing the iModel.com beta the month my first daughter was born - September 2002 - many of the original BETA TESTERS are still here - amazing - Thank you!)
Since iModel.com cannot provide you with the best possible professional presentation of your business and talents, I'm closing down the hosting service.
Please understand my ongoing dedication for attempting to provide the best for "my clients". For over a year now iModel.com has been loosing money each month. I have been supporting iModel.com hosting via my savings as I tried to develop iModel.com version 3.0. The strain has been tremendous - I don't recommend it.
But the truth is, in the design development of version 3.0, ALL I was doing was mimicking these other great services - trying to compete by mimicking and provide services that already exist. Silly really. You as "my client" are not being best served by my efforts.
So after months and months of scrambling to cobble together a competitive hosting service with iModel.com 3.0, my ego and heart finally realized/concluded/understood the moral/ethical imperative of moving "my loyal clients" to where they would be better served.
So instead of causing disruption by launching you into iModel.com 3.0, I'm causing disruption by having you move to a different hosting service. Sorry.
I'm giving this 60 day notice hoping your disruption will be minimized by these efforts.
In the long run I know this is better for you and your business. Sorry about the disruption to your business. I wish it wasn't so.

iModel.com has been a part of my daily life since September 2002 (the month my first child was born). I am truly sadden by losing iModel.com as a hosting service.
I will always be grateful to you and the others for participating with iModel.com.
I will always be proud I helped launch 16,271 websites allowing people to promote their businesses and talents (not bad for one guy and a laptop powered by a great wife and two awesome kids).

My future?
Well... ... I'll do what I do best, innovate.
a "search directory" that takes the guesswork out of Googling.

Let me close as I have for over eleven years.

To Your Success!!!
Mark Harper